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Six Rivers Brewery is "The Brew with a View"
Providing quality & distinctive beer and menu items, utilizing local & organic ingredients whenever possible. To provide outstanding & friendly service in a fun, comfortable atmosphere where the staff knows your name and is always glad you came! We promote a positive relationship with the community and support local non-profits by donating time, space and products.


Six Rivers Brewery is the culmination of good food, great beer and love of a good time; providing quality and distinctive beer and menu items, utilizing local and organic ingredients whenever possible. “The Brew with a View,” is situated on the hill in McKinleyville, California looking over the Pacific Ocean.

The co-owners, Talia Nachshon and Meredith Ripley, who purchased the brewery in 2004, promote a positive relationship with the community and support local non-profits by donating time, space and products.

They always have a wide selection of their brews on tap, along with specialty and seasonal brews that can only be found at our restaurant.

Six Rivers Brewery ia a division of Sasquach, LLC. The management team includes:

Meredith Maier:
Marketing, Administrative, Donations & Music Booking

Talia Nachshon: Restaurant & Catering

Carson Brady: Head Chef




Six Rivers Brewery Owners - Meredith Ripley Talia Nachshon Meredith Ripley & Talia Nachshon

Talia Nachshon and Meredith Maier purchased Six Rivers Brewery, based in McKinleyville, California, in 2004. Together, they turned the restaurant into a profit-generating powerhouse and ramped up their beer distribution.  As a sponsor of L.A. Fashion Week, they quickly broke into the Hollywood publicity scene. Their brews were recently featured in Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine and appeared on the CBS Television reality dating show, EXCUSED.

Talia earned a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration from Humboldt State University and has had a passion for making customers happy since her early days as a bartender in college and even at Club Med. She manages the restaurant operations and executes dozens of events a year, on and off-site, with Meredith. Talia is known for her creative event themes.

“We create gorgeous wedding receptions and memorable, thematic birthday celebrations. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service in the most fun, creative environment we can dream up. Each event is fresh and different, which always excites our customers,” said Talia.

Meredith is the marketing guru behind the brewery’s distribution growth and increased brand awareness. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her education is put to the test daily as she juggles promoting the restaurant’s nightly entertainment acts, supporting a number of charitable causes, fulfilling product requests for national media and celebrity events, all while expanding the brewhouse’s distribution.

Six Rivers’ brews have been poured for a myriad of well-known places and events including celebrity suites at the Oscars and Emmys, The L.A. Supper Club, the Brown Derby, L.A. Fashion Week and at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Six Rivers Brewery is also requested for movie premiere parties, celebrity birthday bashes and charity events.

“Our brewmaster has over 20 years’ experience crafting specialty brews, which led to our Raspberry Lambic and award-winning Chili Pepper Ale. There’s always something new on tap. With our recent increased distribution, our brand awareness is quickly growing,” said Meredith.