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Six Rivers award winning beers

Our beer variety changes with the season. Carlos and Mike are always experimenting with new and innovative recipes.

Some of our favorite Seasonals you may find: Darius Dubbel, White Chocolate Grand Cru, Peche Lambic, Apple Lambic, Macadamia Nut Porter, Red Diamond Ale, Trula Pilsner, Jacob Marley's Winter Porter and Pigskin Pumpkin Ale.

In addition to our selection of seasonal releases, we routinely have several barrel-aged projects going on as well.

Our fresh ingredients make the tastiest beers. Stop on by to see what's on tap today!

Six Rivers award winning brewers

Six Rivers award



  Regular Offerings:

Weatherman Wheat
- ABV 6% ~ 15 IBU
An American style Wheat Ale, brewed with 50% wheat malt, Saaz and Hallertauer hops, and our house yeast strain. Light and crisp with a malt forward profile.

IPA - ABV 7.2% ~ 77 IBU
This English style IPA is our proud flagship ale, brewed with all imported Maris Otter English malts, Cascade and Columbus hops. A hophead's delight, big and flowery with a long lingering finish.

Sasquatch Double IPA - ABV 9% ~ 99 IBU
Legendary, like the beast itself! Brewed wih all imported malts and Loaded with Pacific NW, Cascade and Columbus hops before being dry hopped with more Columbus hops to a whopping 99IBU. Six Rivers Brewery only uses whole hop cones, never pelletized!

Moonstone Porter - ABV 6% ~ 22 IBU
A robust Porter, deep mahogany in color, brewed with all imported malts, Northern Brewer and Willamette Hops.

Paradise Moon Porter - ABV 6% ~ 22 IBU
Our Moonstone Porter infused with 100% Kona Coffee. 2005 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner! (Formerly: Kona Moon Porter)

Chili Pepper Ale - ABV 6% ~ 15 IBU
2004 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner! Our Weatherman Wheat infused with Carlos' special blend of fire roasted chiles..."It's hot boy!"

Rosie's Strawberry Wheat Ale - ABV 6% ~ 15 IBU
Named after an adorable and lazy pit bull terrier, our American style Wheat Ale fermented withover 400lbs of fresh strawberries for a light and refreshing Summer brew!
SEASONAL: avaialble April ~ September

Raspberry-Lambic Style Ale - ABV 7.4% ~ 13 IBU
A Belgian Dubbel brewed with 480lbs of whole raspberries, Belgian Ale Yeast, Begian candi sugar, Hallertauer Hops, and American Oak chips.

Hammond Trail American Ale - ABV 6.3% ~ 26 IBU
A classic American lagered cream ale. Brewed with 20% flaked corn added to the grist, light on hops, smooth and flavorful with a crisp refreshing finish.