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Why I make Beer...

My passion became my career when I was fired from my "real" job, a victim of downsizing or as I prefer to call it "cleaning house". After home brewing for 3 years, I became more and more enticed with pursuing a career in brewing. There were not many options at the time, but I found an opportunity at Humboldt Brewery and became an assistant brewer in 1990. I was thrilled to do so, at the generous wage of $5.00 an hour. I figured I'd never get rich, but at least I'd be happy. After 2 years at Humboldt Brewery, while also mastering brews for Mad River Brewing, I was able to attend the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in 1992. Here I studied courses in microbiology and microscopy.

In 1992, while working with Steve Parks, a renowned English Brew Master, Humboldt Brewery began to grow rapidly. Together we made Red Nectar, which was produced at an impressive 20,000 barrels per year. Red Nectar required a commitment that could only be done by someone who was young and driven.

After the success with Red Nectar, I decided to go back to my roots and take my chances with a local new start-up named Six Rivers Brewery, I could hardly wait for the opportunity. The rest, as they say, is history. Eleven years later, I'm proud to say I still get to do it my way! With a great crew behind me, I've developed a wide portfolio of beers including: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Chile. Lambic, Belgian style beers and many more. You'll always find something different on tap at Six Rivers Brewery.

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Carlos "Los" Sanchez - Brewmaster

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Carlos Sanchez, Brittany Stewart, Jon Hill, Mike Lisignoli

"I've never been into wine. I'm a beer man. What I like about beer is you basically just drink it and order more. You don't sniff at it, or hold it up to the light and slosh it around, or drone on and on about it, the way people do with wine. Your beer drinker tend to be a straightforward, decent, friendly, down-to-earth person, whereas
your serious wine fancier tends to be an insufferable snot."

- Dave Berry