California's second
all woman-owned Brewery

In 2008, Talia and Meredith bought out their third partner and became the second all woman-owned brewery in California. Keeping existing Brewmaster Carlos Sanchez who had been with Six Rivers Brewery since day one, and was the beer recipe originator. Carlos and his crew are limited only by imagination in the crafting of their award-winning brews. 

After sponsoring L.A. Fashion Weekend in 2010 Six Rivers Brewery quickly developed a following and were requested by Hollywood event producers for iconic events such as the gift suites for the Oscars and Emmys, celebrity parties and special events at the famous LA Supper Club. They have also been featured in Every Day with Rachel Ray, on the reality dating show EXCUSED and written about in many publications, including Industry Magazine, Celebrator Beer News, and Northwest Brewing News. In 2011 brewery operations took an upward turn. With consistent demand,  production room was added in the brewhouse and 22 oz. bottles were added to their lineup. After a steady increase in distribution the coinciding demand in the following years lead to the need for another larger expansion to alongside the initial production room.